Carol Ferring Shepley

After working as a professional writer for 53 years, I still pinch myself when someone calls me author.  As a very young child, I liked nothing better than to sit on the lap of a parent or grandparent while they read to me.  I stared at the words, those magic symbols that impart meaning, but they looked like ants walking across the page to me.  When I started school, I couldn’t wait to learn to decipher letters and words.  Reading continues to be my passion. To think that I am adding to the world’s literature gives me great joy.  With every new book, I have learned a great deal.  I want to present what I have learned in as interesting and entertaining a fashion as possible.  Writing is hard work, but I feel blessed to have the opportunity to pursue it and doubly blessed that people read what I write.



7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Carol, I just wanted you to know that I just finished your book “Tales from Bellefountain Cemetery” and found it very enjoyable and informing. Born and raised in South St. Louis, I recognized many names, streets, etc, Thanks again, Jim Fiala

  2. Carol Ferring Shepley I am wondering if I can contact you to see if you unearthed any stories about my family members who were buried there: The Sheltons (John G. Shelton), the Burds and the Rives. Thank you. I look forward to reading your book!

    • Hi Beth, I do not recall researching your ancestors. That does not mean that there is not information in the Bellefontaine archives. I suggest you make a visit and ask people in the office if they have any information. They are very friendly and love helping out descendents. Good luck. Carol

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